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This holiday next occurs in 175 Days. Elections were to be held at least every five years, and India's government was modeled after the British parliamentary system. As many as 500 flights, both domestic and international, flying into and out of the IGI Airport have been affected since Sunday, when the city witnessed the worst fog of the season.
At the Delhi airport, at least 90 flights to different destinations got delayed, while 20 were cancelled. "On an average 100 flights will be affected every day. Chennai: Customs sleuths have seized gold worth Rs 25 lakh in three cases and foreign currency worth Rs 4.3 lakh from another passenger in the last two days at Chennai airport.
He said January 26 is a historic festival for all Indians but "January 26, 2018, will especially be remembered through the ages". However, with no free slots available at IGIA , DIAL had to ask the airlines to cancel all these flights, the total number of which is expected to be nearly 1,000.
Doctor Rajendra Prasad was elected as the first President of India on Republic Day in 1950. However, international carriers have been requested to re-schedule their flights. "This is the first such service in the country to help passengers flying to international destinations utilise their layover time.
Air India's new chief, Pradeep Kharola was asked for an explanation by the minister and the angry passengers. At least 100 domestic flights a day to and from the Delhi airport have been cancelled during the nine days leading up to flag images hd download, the Hindustan Times reported on Saturday.

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